Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The next experiment...

We are going to be trying Submittable for Grantswood. We are pretty excited about this tool and hope that it will prove to be very, very useful.

The call for submission to Grantswood has been accordingly adjusted.

"Marauders of the Waterways" is having a lovely amount of traffic, and we are thrilled about that!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Now Available!

The first issue of Emeraude, "Marauders of the Waterways," is now available!

Read it here!

Marauders of the Waterways!!!

Is almost ready!

We have decided that if we are going to do this regularly, then it needs to have a permanent name, so that it will be clear that there is a connection between the various issues. Therefore, the magazine series is titled Emeraude, after the green mountain that is upon the arms of a certain SCA Barony.

Tweak a little more on one page, insert one more piece of documentation, and ta-da! It's done!


Some inital statistics:

Poetry immensely outweighed prose submissions.

Submitters were evenly divided between male and female.

Acceptance rate was about 50% of submissions.

Number of publishing platforms tried and determined not suitable for this project? 6

Most important lesson learned? Never allow PDF submissions again.