Submissions to Emeraude

EMERAUDE is now OPEN for submission for Volume 3

EMERAUDE is a periodic publication featuring poetry and short fiction of interest to the living history community. We prefer to feature the works of people who are presently a member of or associated with the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc (SCA). You do not have to be a member, or even a current participant, to submit, but an understanding of the living history community in general is helpful in understanding what kinds of work will be accepted in this publication. Participation in this hobby significantly informs the works we feature, and this experience might be gained in the SCA, in Acre, in Markland, or even as a Medieval History student who just wants to try his or her hand at, say, skaldic poetry.


Poetry -- up to 50 lines. We prefer shorter works. We prefer historical forms, but modern forms are welcome, too, as long as they are presented as such. You may submit up to 5 poems for a given volume.

Prose -- We are primarily seeking fiction. We will consider creative non-fiction that is essentially a story. We are not looking for essays on the politics of participation, or the value of strict interpretation versus loose interpretation, or the pros and cons of membership in Renaissance Living History versus the SCA. We seek creative presentations of your battles, your travels, and your experiences, written in a way that allows the reader to feel like he or she has read the beginning, the middle, and the end of a story. While that may sound a little strange, it's a nice example of how participation in the culture informs the works we feature: most people who participate in the living history hobby are aware of the oral tradition of the "No Sh*t, there I was!" story, and it is this sort of thing that translates very well into the type of creative nonfiction we are looking for. Our limit for prose is 7000 words, which may be divided between several pieces--up to 5.

Documentation -- Short papers describing the historical basis of your piece will be considered as companion submissions for historical-style writings. We like documentation. WE LIKE DOCUMENTATION. It need not be elaborate, but if you want to write out a research paper, we will be happy to read it.

Art -- Some calls for submission to this magazine will include calls for art appropriate to the theme. If instructions on submitting art are included in the "How to Submit" section, then this issue is accepting art. Art need not be strictly period, however, we want a clear connection to historical forms.


There is no payment. We will, generally, pick one or two pieces we feel are especially meritorious and offer a small monetary prize. Yes, you read that right, a little money. Imagine that, a couple of pieces will get gifted with money!  Prizes are sent via paypal. If you don't have paypal to accept your prize, your prize is forfeited and returned to the prize pool. If the prize pool is empty at publication of a given issue, we will still pick meritorious entries but will have to forgo the monetary award. The editors of Emeraude will select winning entries and their decisions are final.


We are again open for submissions!

FICTION should be submitted as an RTF file in standard manuscript format. If that means nothing to you, you can learn about standard manuscript format here. We prefer Times New Roman (or other serifed font). You may submit prose of up to 7000 words.

POETRY should be submitted with the same header information as found in the fiction manuscript format, but should be single spaced. 

ART should be submitted as a .jpg file not in excess of 500 KB. Yes, that is small. We are only reviewing upon submission and will ask for a larger file if needed. We are only accepting one piece per submitter.

Because this is an SCA targeted publication, documentation for your submissions must be included.

Minimum: Identify your project, its time frame, its purpose, its culture, and your SCA/Acre/Markland/whatever name (if you have one), your modern name, and your kingdom of residence.

Maximum: Expand on the above, but length of document should not exceed 3500 words. This will count against your prose word count, so a story of 4500 words would be limited to documentation of 2500 words.

All of the above should be submitted through Submittable. It's easy to use and the account is free. Anything not submitted through Submittable will not be reviewed.


Submit to Moon Hollow Press!

Wonder exactly what it is we are looking for? Links to online volumes of Emeraude may be found here!

We look forward to reading your work!