Sunday, March 2, 2014

Well. Here is March, in with another bunch of SNOW.

Winter, don't you want to rest yet?

So, we received about 100 more submissions upon announcing the closure of Uneasy Bones.  That as something of a surprise! It's a lovely surprise for us, but it does mean that those who are awaiting a decision may have to wait a little longer. That makes us sad, because some people have been waiting VERY MUCH LONGER than we thought they'd have to, but we do want to assure everyone that if you have not received a definite rejection or acceptance from us, then your piece is still under consideration.

We won't leave you hanging!

As we have said before, our goal is to get all active projects completed and then step back to a smaller amount of projects going forward, with limited rather than open-ended deadlines. This way, we figure we can put out about the same amount of new literature into the world, without being slowed by having to divide our attention.

So, there we go, an update, and we hope you see signs of spring soon! It may be a while here in Wisconsin.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

January update!

We are still here! Yes, we are.

We will close Uneasy Bones to submissions at the end of the month.

We will not open any more new projects until the ones underway are completed. Call it a lesson in what happens when you try to do everything. Well, we are learning our limits and that's a good thing.

We hope you had excellent holidays!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

September update!

The September update is brief, just to provide reassurance:

Yes, Uneasy Bones is still going forward, and the submission period will close 30 November 31 Jan 2014. All submitted pieces still under consideration will be accepted or declined by 1 January 2014 and work on first proof for for the anthology will begin thereafter.

The first issue of Moon Hollow will appear before 30 May 2014. The second issue is still reading.

Emeraude is still open for submissions.

Grantswood is still on hiatus.

Fall is coming! Be sure you spend some time outside recharging your muse!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy July!


We have been reviewing the experience that this publication venture has brought to us. We learned a lot of small things that we never considered prior to beginning this venture. This is not bad in any way, shape, or form. There are simply a lot of things that you don't think of as a writer talking to editors-- and a lot of things you don't think of as an editor talking to a writer.

We have been flummoxed – – flummoxed, I say! – – by the strange pace at which submissions come. Moon Hollow Press is a small place, and we never expected to have the sort of slush pile that one envisions at large publications. That's all to the good; that sort of submission rate would have driven us under almost immediately. On the other hand we never really expected the wax and wane of flow that we get. So, then, here are the editorial updates to keep writers, artists, and any interested others aware of what's going on right now.

1. Please remember to check this blog for updates before sending letters inquiring as to the status of your particular submission. We will use the blog to tell you what our decisions are regarding the various publications we are working on, and if you receive an automated response email from submittable that says something to the effect of "thanks for your submission to hollow press," then we have your submission. We will never fail to either accept or reject everything, so if you haven't heard from us, your piece is still under consideration. We admit that we have been long with some pieces, and that's generally because we like them but we aren't sure they're fitting into the publication for which they were submitted.

2. EMERAUDE is still under construction, largely because we have requested additional pieces from authors, poets, and illustrators. We realize that it's very late, and we apologize for that. As we mentioned, the ebb and flow of submissions is perpetually surprising to us. That said, Emeraude reopens for general submissions August 1, so no matter what we have on hand, what we expect to still be coming in, we will be releasing Emeraude July 31.

3. The 1st issue of MOON HOLLOW is currently under construction. We are reading for the 2nd issue.

4. UNEASY BONES is still reading. However, we will be determinate in a closing date for submissions in the next month. We have a little more room, but not much. If you haven't heard from us, let us assure you that your work is still under consideration.

5. Our tentative work schedule follows. Please note, this is a TENTATIVE schedule; things happen, flux capacitors fail, and alien data munchers invade. This can be understood to be the schedule we would like to stick to, but life doesn't offer any guarantees.

July 31: EMERAUDE volume 2
August 1: EMERAUDE volume 3 opens for submissions
August 31: MOON HOLLOW issue 1
September 15 – October 15: closing date for UNEASY BONES.
November 15: final acceptances or rejections for all Uneasy Bones submissions.

Take care, and please submit. We love reading your work.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hello, May!

Here in Wisconsin, where we are living through the ghost of spring and terrified that this is a harbinger of another brutal summer, things are otherwise stomping along.

Updates on the projects:

1. Emeraude is temporarily closed for submissions. We are beginning to assemble the 2013 edition. It should be live by 31 May.

2. Moon Hollow continues to accept submissions, and when we finish assembling Emeraude, we will assemble Moon Hollow.

3. Grantswood is temporarily closing. We'll talk about our publishing philosophy in a minute, and why we have made that choice.

4. Uneasy Bones is still reading. If you have not heard from us, we have not decided on your piece, and if you have heard from us, then yes, we will still be publishing, and we are still accepting submissions.

5. Flash Pan is still reading, accepting, and publishing upon acceptance.

We believe it is important to have open-ended submissions for one-shot projects like Grantswood. It's been our experience that when you put a deadline on a project, you sometimes get a subset of works that might not have been accepted for that particular volume if you'd had a wider number of submissions (This would be one of the reasons for Moon Hollow--we can redirect submissions there). However, it also means that some projects might struggle.

Grantswood is such a project. We are firmly committed to that genre and that project, but it rarely receives a submission. Therefore, we are no longer going to actively work on it, as trying to scare up submissions for it takes time away from other projects,. Too, submitters who have received acceptances would, we are sure, like to see their works in print. Authors who have had pieces accepted for this work will be offered the choice of publication in the exemplar or Moon Hollow, whichever we deem more appropriate, or may withdraw their works from our publication queue.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

ZOMG! How did we get all the way to a MARCH update already?

I'll tell you how we got to a March update: We were too busy to notice the time passing.

So, briefly, because there is so much to do and EVERYTHING takes longer than we expect:

1. Still reading for EMERAUDE (yes, we have moved the submission date back because we want to invite the attendees of this SCA event to publish with us), MOON HOLLOW, UNEASY BONES, FLASH PAN. Please submit! Especially, please submit if UNEASY BONES is your target; that one is filling up. Submit now, or you may not be able to submit at all. GRANTSWOOD is being revised; see below.

2. Unless we get a sudden influx of submissions, we will be shutting down Grantswood and offering accepted pieces publication in Moon Hollow. Grantswood is not a popular vehicle, and, while we intended to leave it open until filled, at this rate, it will never fill. This is why there has been a delay in publishing the 2013 issue of Moon Hollow: we are in the process of making that decision, which takes time, and we are leaving Grantswood open just a bit longer to see if we get anything more there. If not, we'll need a little time to offer accepted pieces placement in Moon Hollow. 

Take care! We can't wait to read your submissions! 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December Update

Well, we so hope you had a wonderful holiday!

Still reading for all projects. Uneasy Bones continues to be the most popular project, but no matter what project you may have submitted to, if you have not heard back from us, your piece is still under consideration. We will announce it here when any project's reading queue is empty, so unless you see a "This queue is empty" announcement, you can be 99% sure that your submission is still under consideration. As of this date, we have sent out notices for anything we are definitely going to accept or reject.

All our projects for the foreseeable future are now open.

And there has been a bit of learning curve going on; we have generally asked that any submitter making multiple submissions do so in one file. Some people don't do that. We are going to have to develope a decision tree regarding what we will do when someone uploads three poems, three pieces of flash fiction, and a short story each as individual files. It becomes difficult to track 7 individual files; it's much easier to compare short pieces in one file. Perhaps we'll henceforth only consider the first one submitted. We'll think about it,

But mostly what we want to think about is a lovely New Year to you and yours! :-)