Thursday, December 13, 2012

Call for Submissions: FLASH PAN

Moon Hollow Press is pleased to open a call for submissions to Flash Pan!

Flash Pan is a web magazine featuring rapid fire flash fiction of up to 750 words. At this moment, the publication schedule is not set in stone. In the beginning, we will publish upon acceptance , although we expect, eventually, to publish once a week. 


Flash fiction of up to 750 words. We will consider up to three flash pieces at a time, all included in the same file.

Genre: We are willing to consider nearly anything. We have a standing policy that we will not accept erotica, graphic sex or violence, and anything that would make the Google TOS guys give us the hairy eyeball. Once you make sure your flash fiction does not fall into those things that we will not accept, the field is wide open.

We are particularly fond of sharp-witted stuff, the sort of clever thing you might expect from Dennis Leary, or the intellectual thing you might get from Dennis Miller, or the straight-up, in-your-face you might get from Henry Rollins's spoken word pieces. Lenny Bruce would find a home here, as would Margaret Cho, or Lisa Lampanelli's less vulgar material. What these performers all have in common is a capacity to be extremely witty, very fast, clever, biting, challenging, angry, sophisticated. The point should be sharp, and the speed, lightening. Most of the people cited here are humorists, but we are not looking just for humor. If you can give us witty horror or literate romance or sophisticated mysteries or angry science fiction or challenging westerns, we will be happy to read it. Send us your best rapid fire fiction.

We are LGBT friendly, and seek new writers of any variety.

We want to read social criticism that is actually witty social criticism, not merely bashing the folks you don't agree with.

Style : We are willing to consider most styles, but prefer experimental, mainstream, humorous, and literary works.

We are accepting reprints for this magazine. Please let us know where your work was previously published so that we can credit the prior publication. Please do not submit previously published works if you do not have reprint rights. If you have an exclusive-use license with the previous publisher, do not submit until the exclusive use license expires. If someone else can still hold it as an exclusive, we don't even want to see it. We may chose to publish upon acceptance, and we do not want to be in conflict with the previous publisher. If it's a piece you think we will like, then just wait the license out. We'll still be here.


This call for submissions is ongoing. Temporary closures are possible if we have a publication queue of 6 months and will open again when the queue is back down to three months. Any closure will be indicated here.


We do not offer monetary payment. Because this publication will be direct to the web, we will not offer submitter's copies.

Works that are published for the first time ever will be considered for a Best Of anthology.

Once a year, the editors will each pick one submission and award a small monetary prize. This prize will be awarded solely based on the judgement of the editors. The prize will be awarded through PayPal, and you must have a Paypal account to accept it. If you do not provide a Paypal account, you forfeit the prize. 


We will publish direct to the web via Blogger. The website is located at The format for a Best-Of anthology will be determined at time of publication; right now, we are heavily leaning towards electronic publication via CreateSpace or Smashwords.


Cover letters  should contain a short bio, if you wish to include one. Your bio may be up to 20 words long plus the URL for your website, should you wish to direct traffic there. Note that we do not publish lists of your prior publications; that is what your website is for. If your bio includes prior publications within the 20 words you are allotted, we will edit them out, should we chose to publish your piece. If your bio exceeds 20 words, we will cut it off at 20. We want this magazine to focus on the work you are submitting, not your older works.

Prepare your manuscript using standard manuscript format. Please use a serifed font (such as Times New Roman or Georgia). While the referred article describes SMF as always double-spaced and indented to indicate new paragraphs, please note that for THIS publication, your piece needs to be web-ready. Therefore, you should use single spacing for the body of your work and a blank return between paragraphs. If we like your work, it will appear on the web EXACTLY as you submitted it, so submit something that is ready to go.

IF YOU ARE SUBMITTING A PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED WORK, include the information on where it was previously published in this file.

Save your file as an RTF and upload to us under the FLASH PAN section on our Submittable page (link below).

Please, no simultaneous submissions. We make our decisions with all speed.


When you upload, you will be asked to assign publication rights immediately. We ask this in order to reduce paperwork. We only acquire that right if your work is accepted; if we reject, your rights remain yours. We will not publish it without first notifying you, and we will only use it as described below:

For unpublished works: We are seeking first time electronic rights. We seek the right to reprint one time in a Best Of anthology.

For previously published works: We seek the right to reprint one time in an electronic publication. Reprints are not considered for the Best of Anthology.

Ready to submit? Submit to Moon Hollow Press

Finished? Please consider reporting your submissions at Duotrope!  

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