Sunday, December 18, 2011

General Publications Policy

Moon Hollow Press is a press dedicated to your voice. We keep things free around here, so your voice can be heard.


Moon Hollow Press does not generally charge reading fees. We do not require you to purchase anything. We do ask for donations so that a prize pool can be created. We would like to be able to offer payment or significant prizes in the future, and donations will make that possible. However, we realize that times are tight, and many people are happy just to be published and spread the joy. Still, if you read something you like, it's not unreasonable to ask you to toss a couple of bucks into the collection plate. Consider it positive reinforcement. We can accept Paypal donations at uncommonmoon (at) yahoo (dot) com.

We say that we don't generally charge reading fees because we reserve the right to occasionally open contests with reading fees to ensure that there will be prize money. If we decide to go that route, the reading fee will be explicitly listed in the call for submissions.


Fiction and Poetry. We are looking for fiction between 50-7000 words and poetry of up to 100 lines.

Some calls for submission will include requests for art, so it would be fair to say that we will also publish art that can be digitally displayed. However, that is not our focus. At this time, we are not looking for stand-alone art.

We are not committed to a particular genre, but we do know this: we are not looking for gore or explicit sex. This is a publicly available publication currently hosted on a provider with some pretty particular terms of service. If it will violate Google's TOS, this is not the place for your submission. Let us be absolutely clear: no explicit sex of any sort, no gratuitous violence. We are not prudes and realize that violence and sex are a part of life, and sometimes a part of a whacking good tale, but they should be handled tastefully and part of the plot advancement. It's not like you have to fill 750 pages. You only get up to 7000 words or 100 lines, so make that space count. Furthermore, we do not accept fan fiction. See submissions section for more detail on how and what to submit.

We are currently a "For-The-Love" publishing house. We do not offer payment at this time.

Significant Fine Print
All submissions must be the submitter's original work. Generally, we will accept reprints if you include the information on the original publication and if you have the rights to reprint. We are for-the-love editors, and so we will not take on the onus of ensuring that you have the rights. If you are not certain that you have reprint rights, check before you send it.

You should recognize that publication here will use your first-printing rights for previously unpublished works. At this time, we are publishing for the love and can offer no payment. Remember that donation paragraph up there? We make things freely available. That means we don't make any money. If you are sure that your work can be sold, then shop it around before you consider us. The editors here are the sort of people who understand that for some writers and poets, publication and exposure is enough. Moon Hollow Press seeks to work with those authors and poets who are fine with for-the-love publishing, whether it is because they just want to be published, or because their pieces are good, but not what the market is buying, or whatever.

When you submit to Moon Hollow Press, your submission indicates that:

1. The submission is your original work.
2. You have the copyright.
3. If this is not the first time it has appeared in print, you have the rights to reprint in a webzine, ebook, and/or print anthology.
4. In the event that you do not have the above-stated rights, you agree to release and hold harmless Moon Hollow Press from any liability or harm attached to the publication of said works.


Generally speaking, the specific format for publication will be spelled out in calls for submissions and will pretty much always include a free option. At this time, we are creating compendiums and anthologies, so there are no single author works planned. There will always be a PDF version for download and a webzine version for free online reading. There may be a print on demand version offered; if so, this will be set at cost of printing and shipping in accordance with the print on demand service, and will exist solely to allow authors to buy a bound version of their work if they want one.

We are considering putting out some of the compendiums as "shareware" as a way to encourage donations.

Lastly, we reserve the right to put together an anthology of the works we like the best and offer it for sale. We hope that these anthologies will generate enough profit to allow us to pay authors, but, again, there is no guarantee.

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