Sunday, December 18, 2011

General Submissions Policy

Most people who have a gift work extremely hard at it, if they are able to, because the work is intensely, immediately, and reliably rewarding. You have to make a living, but art is very seldom a practical way of doing so. Most artists are in it for the satisfaction of knowing they’re doing, literally, the best thing they can do. ~~ Ursula K. Le Guin

Please read this submission policy and follow carefully. Generally speaking, ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST FOLLOW THE POLICIES SET FORTH BELOW! Some calls for submission may impose additional restrictions or include additional instructions. You improve your chances of acceptance by following them.

1. Electronic submissions only. We are accepting submissions through Submittable.

2. Submit your work as an .RTF file. You should have already edited your file--you have used the words you mean to use, the punctuation you mean to use, et cetera. Spell check is your friend, but also your enemy. Give your work a complete read, and then have someone else give it a complete read, too, lest you find that a properly spelled word made your sentence senseless. We will presume you mean what you write.

2a. The attachment should be set in 12 point Times New Roman (or a similar serif font). Fiction should be double spaced. Poetry can be single spaced. Again, the file should be saved in .rtf format. Anything else will be returned unread. Make it easy for us to read it.

2b. Identify your document. Include your name, the title of the piece, the word or line count, and the number of pages in the upper right corner. Set the footer of the document with your name and the page numbers. You get our undying love if your footer doesn't just number the pages, but indicated the total number of pages, as well, like so: "Clampett, page 1 of 3"

3. In your cover letter, BRIEFLY describe your submission ("3 poems about Lake Bolivar"). If you are responding to a particular call for submissions, tell us which one. Otherwise, we will presume it is a general submission and consider it for the open call. Then, tell us a little about yourself. Give us your real name, your pseudonym should you wish to use it, your complete address, your email, your phone, your website should you wish to have traffic sent there, and a biographical statement of no more than 150 words if you would like to have a bio published with your work. NO MORE THAN 150 WORDS for bio. Please avoid laundry lists of prior publications, because those won't help you here.


On wordcount
For fiction, our policy is to consider up to 7000 words per author per submission. You can send a single story of about 7000, or you can send 3 shorter pieces of 2334, 2300, and 2366. Your maximum is 7000 words at a time. Those 7000 may be all in one piece, or spread across up to 5 pieces. We won't consider more than 5 pieces at a time, even if all five use only 100 words each. No more than 7000 words, no more than 5 pieces.

On linecount
For poetry, our general policy is to consider up to 100 lines per submission, although particular calls for submission often modify this. You can use up all 100 lines in one poem, but shorter works have a better chance. No more than 5 pieces per poet, per submission, and all pieces should not total more than 100 lines.

Significant Fine Print
All submissions must be the submitter's original work. Generally, we will accept reprints if you include the information on the original publication and if you have the rights to reprint. We are for-the-love editors, and so we will not take on the onus of ensuring that you have the rights. If you are not certain that you have reprint rights, check before you send it.

We aren't bucking for anything, but you should recognize that publication here will use your first-printing rights for previously unpublished works. At this time, we are publishing for the love and can offer no payment. Remember that donation paragraph? We make things freely available. That means we don't make any money. If you are sure that your work can be sold, then shop it around before you consider us. The editors here are the sort of people who understand that for some writers and poets, publication and exposure is enough. Moon Hollow Press seeks to work with those authors and poets who are fine with for-the-love publishing, whether it is because they just want to be published, or because their pieces are good, but not what the market is buying.

Submissions to Multiple Projects
All submissions will be considered for the intended project, but may be considered for all projects.

What does that mean?

If you send us something for Grantswood, we will consider it for Grantswood. Sometimes, submitters send us things that really are not what we are looking for in a given project, but we'd still like to publish the piece. In that event, the piece will receive what we like to think of as a redirection: rejected with an acceptance to a different project. You can, of course, turn that redirection down. Most people don't, but if you really feel your funny story about a Alaskan living in California belongs in a project devoted to the Midwestern Gothic style, you can take our rejection and try your piece in another market. You are writing, so rock on with your bad self and follow your dream!

On Copyright and Reprinting
You own the copyright to your piece. We will own the copyright to the compendium, chapbook, or anthology that contains your piece. You retain most reprinting rights; we reserve the right to reprint in a "best of" anthology. If your piece is previously unpublished, we will own the first publishing rights as we will be the first publishers.

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  1. Attention publisher's, editors & poets thank you for the opportunity to convey my work to you. It has taken me since the Fall of 1989 to build up my platform in writing. Poetry can take you to places that dreams are made of. From a far away land with kings, queens & dragons. It is a pleasant surprise to write about love in the way it effects the human soul. One can develop a deep aura in reflected there true artistic freedom. Please give me a chance at publication of my poems. We only get one chance at this life dance. It is for freedom that we represent the arts. Freedom that far to many of us take for granted. For love is the essence of my inner existence. I'm most appreciative that you are my friend. Sending shout out to all those who I have touched along the way. Live, laugh & grow... Thank you kindly, Mario William Vitale