Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Call for Submissions: UNEASY BONES


Moon Hollow Press is pleased to open a call for submissions to a new anthology of dark poetry and fiction by and for women.

UNEASY BONES: DARK WORKS BY WOMEN focuses on those poems and stories about the discomfiture of womanhood. Stories may be in any genre, as all women know that romance can be just as dark as horror. A good example of this premise is Stephen King's I Know What You NeedLess Gothic, but equally dark, examples can be found in J.K Rowling's Harry Potter series (in the subplot revolving around Snape's love for Lily) or Sheryl Crow's Home.

While we are looking for dark stories and bleak internal worlds, we also mean this to be an enjoyable excursion for our readers. We do not want excessive violence, graphic sex, or vividly described abuse. Last, anything like Shades of Grey or Twilight will be rejected.

We want this publication to be by-woman-for-women, therefore, we are only accepting submissions from women. However, those who are transgendered may also have something to say about the darkness of being female, so note that we are defining "woman" as anyone who identifies as such, even if she may not qualify biologically.

Thus, consider the character Dil in the movie The Crying Game or Chablis in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Undoubtedly, these two individuals identify as women and could certainly write about the discomfiture of womanhood.


Prose: Flash fiction and short stories between 250-7000 words. You may send multiple submissions with flash pieces of less than 1000 words. We will consider up to three flash pieces at a time, all included in the same file. You may submit one short story (1000-7000 words) at a time. Please note: you can submit up to three flash pieces at a time, or you can submit one short story at a time.

Poetry: Poetry of any form between 3-50 lines. You may submit up to three poems at a time.

We are accepting reprints for this anthology. Please let us know where your work was previously published so that we can credit the prior publication. Please do not submit previously published works if you do not have reprint rights.


This call for submissions is opened until filled. If you still see this call, we are still accepting. 


We do not offer monetary payment. We offer an electronic copy of the anthology to accepted submitters.

Additionally, the editors will each pick one submission and award a small monetary prize. This prize will be awarded solely based on the judgement of the editors. The prize will be awarded through PayPal, and you must have a Paypal account to accept it. If you do not provide a Paypal account, you forfeit the prize. 


We will publish the anthology as a PDF and Print work through We will provide excepts of the anthology online for free.


Cover letters: Please include a brief description of your piece ("A short story about work place harassment" or "3 poems about struggling through menopause")  and a short bio, if you wish to include one. Your bio may be up to 100 words long plus the URL for your website, should you wish to direct traffic there. Note that we do not publish lists of your prior publications; that is what your website is for. If your bio includes more than one or two prior publications within the 100 words you are allotted, we will edit them out, should we chose to publish your piece. We want this anthology to focus on the work you are submitting, not your older works.

Prepare your manuscript using standard manuscript format. Please use a serifed font (such as Times New Roman or Georgia). While the referred article describes SMF as always double-spaced, please note that we prefer that POETRY be single spaced.

IF YOU ARE SUBMITTING A PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED WORK, include the information on where it was previously published in this file.

Save your file as an RTF and upload to us under the UNEASY BONES section on our Submittable page (link below).

Please, no simultaneous submissions. We make our decisions with all speed.


When you upload, you will be asked to assign publication rights immediately. We ask this in order to reduce paperwork. We only acquire that right if your work is accepted; if we reject, your rights remain yours. We will not publish it without first notifying you, and we will only use it as described below:

For unpublished works: We are seeking first time print and electronic rights. We seek the right to reprint one time in a Best Of anthology.

For previously published works: We seek the right to reprint one time in an electronic and in a print publication. Reprints are not considered for the Best of Anthology.

Ready to submit? Submit to Moon Hollow Press

Finished? Please consider reporting your submissions at Duotrope!  

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  1. Hi please assist I sent you 3 poems May 27 I don't seem to see them in Submitable and you have not notified me if they were received can you please give me an email address to check this out? Deborah Guzzi