About Us/FAQ

Well, maybe not so frequently asked, but certainly questions that may occur to you. With answers, even!

Who are you, exactly?

Moon Hollow Press is a for-the-love (FTL) publishing company. Like everyone else who starts an independent publishing company, we have big hopes, but we also recognize that we want to do this long term, so our scope is limited and our plans are, we hope, unique. We feel like it's better to use freely available services and limit our products and keep doing this for 20 years than it is to get a small business loan and get ourselves into such hideous and soul-crushing debt that it will force us to close shop. We are not about profit.

We are about your voice. Of course, with the web, anyone can self-publish, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, there is a certain amount of validation that comes with independent publication, and that is what we want to do. Editing and collating multiple-artist volumes, putting them on the web, and sharing the joy is what it is all about.

And who are the editors?

Elise C. Boucher remembers publishing her first pieces in school newsletters–in fact, it’s fair to say that the shock and pleasure of being presented with her first published poem way back in grade school is largely what is driving her into this phase of her creative career. She has worked on the editorial staff for the Amulet, spent three years as the editor-in-chief for Stone, and edited numerous one-off newsletters and websites through the years. She has had fiction and poetry appear in New Voices III, Wordeater, and a variety of other small chapbooks and literary magazines you never heard of. Her non-fiction has appeared in Ars Draconius, The Gilded Letter, Crossed Quills, among, again, many other small magazines you never heard of. Her illustrations and calligraphy have appeared in Tournaments Illuminated, Dungeon, several individual gaming products from companies like TSR, Inc, Mag Force 7, and Mindgames, Incand, yet again, in a number of things you never heard of.

Kora Hennings has gained her very targeted editorial experience working as a writing tutor. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in print in both specialty and general publications, and she knows both the pain of the rejection letter and the joy of the acceptance letter. 

How can we support you?

There are two ways.

First, if you think you have something we may be interested in publishing, submit it!  The masthead, Moon Hollow, is a general publication that will take form based on the submissions we receive. The benefit to you? There is no story or poem we are not willing to consider, because we don't have any particular genre we are looking for. If we think it's good, we'll publish it.

Second, consider donating to us. We have a small prize pool that is set at the beginning of the year, and it is from this pool that any prizes we award come. We can not promise payment to our authors and poets, but we do try to make sure at least one or two get a token prize in each publication. The larger the prize pool, the more contributers can get a little renumination for their published art. You can send a donation to us through Paypal, using the address uncommonmoon (at) yahoo (dot) com

Why are you doing your web publishing on Google platforms?

Honestly, we are not in love with Google; in fact, at least one of us is actively discouraged with the company. That said, we recognize that they have many excellent products, and we have no objection to using them. If people love what we publish and start using Google products as a result of our demonstration of the many ways they can be put to use, we figure we've done Google a fair service in exchange for the service they are providing us. At this time, we feel that Blogger is the more powerful, more flexible, most visible platform Google is offering. Google Sites is far less attractive, which is a shame, as there is a lot to be said for simple, static HTML when you just want to publish a well-designed web 'zine.

Of course, free is key. We are trying out alternate business models, and we think that a viable publishing presence can be provided at little to no cost. This is something we are doing for the love, and we love it enough to want to make sure it lasts a long time. We have a lot of years on the internet and we are well aware of the fact that many, many web publishing services are gone. Remember Geocities? And did you even know Inetword.com existed? Well, sadly, it won't for much longer. We want, eventually, to have everything end up in the Internet Archive to ensure its permanence (or, as much of an assurance as we can ever get), and we recognize that IA can crawl Blogger. We also recognize that Google archives Blogger, so people who are trying to read our publications will be able to read via the cache if the Blogger site suffers a denial-of-service attack or some such thing. Google platforms are assuring us more permanence at this time than we can ever hope to afford on our own.

Lastly, we figured out about how much it would cost us to host a web site and buy an URL and decided that we'd rather make that money available for some small prizes. That's the funding we can contribute. If Google products weren't our platform, then we couldn't even offer small prizes. We hope that will change, but you never know how the wind will blow.