Sunday, March 2, 2014

Well. Here is March, in with another bunch of SNOW.

Winter, don't you want to rest yet?

So, we received about 100 more submissions upon announcing the closure of Uneasy Bones.  That as something of a surprise! It's a lovely surprise for us, but it does mean that those who are awaiting a decision may have to wait a little longer. That makes us sad, because some people have been waiting VERY MUCH LONGER than we thought they'd have to, but we do want to assure everyone that if you have not received a definite rejection or acceptance from us, then your piece is still under consideration.

We won't leave you hanging!

As we have said before, our goal is to get all active projects completed and then step back to a smaller amount of projects going forward, with limited rather than open-ended deadlines. This way, we figure we can put out about the same amount of new literature into the world, without being slowed by having to divide our attention.

So, there we go, an update, and we hope you see signs of spring soon! It may be a while here in Wisconsin.

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