Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy July!


We have been reviewing the experience that this publication venture has brought to us. We learned a lot of small things that we never considered prior to beginning this venture. This is not bad in any way, shape, or form. There are simply a lot of things that you don't think of as a writer talking to editors-- and a lot of things you don't think of as an editor talking to a writer.

We have been flummoxed – – flummoxed, I say! – – by the strange pace at which submissions come. Moon Hollow Press is a small place, and we never expected to have the sort of slush pile that one envisions at large publications. That's all to the good; that sort of submission rate would have driven us under almost immediately. On the other hand we never really expected the wax and wane of flow that we get. So, then, here are the editorial updates to keep writers, artists, and any interested others aware of what's going on right now.

1. Please remember to check this blog for updates before sending letters inquiring as to the status of your particular submission. We will use the blog to tell you what our decisions are regarding the various publications we are working on, and if you receive an automated response email from submittable that says something to the effect of "thanks for your submission to hollow press," then we have your submission. We will never fail to either accept or reject everything, so if you haven't heard from us, your piece is still under consideration. We admit that we have been long with some pieces, and that's generally because we like them but we aren't sure they're fitting into the publication for which they were submitted.

2. EMERAUDE is still under construction, largely because we have requested additional pieces from authors, poets, and illustrators. We realize that it's very late, and we apologize for that. As we mentioned, the ebb and flow of submissions is perpetually surprising to us. That said, Emeraude reopens for general submissions August 1, so no matter what we have on hand, what we expect to still be coming in, we will be releasing Emeraude July 31.

3. The 1st issue of MOON HOLLOW is currently under construction. We are reading for the 2nd issue.

4. UNEASY BONES is still reading. However, we will be determinate in a closing date for submissions in the next month. We have a little more room, but not much. If you haven't heard from us, let us assure you that your work is still under consideration.

5. Our tentative work schedule follows. Please note, this is a TENTATIVE schedule; things happen, flux capacitors fail, and alien data munchers invade. This can be understood to be the schedule we would like to stick to, but life doesn't offer any guarantees.

July 31: EMERAUDE volume 2
August 1: EMERAUDE volume 3 opens for submissions
August 31: MOON HOLLOW issue 1
September 15 – October 15: closing date for UNEASY BONES.
November 15: final acceptances or rejections for all Uneasy Bones submissions.

Take care, and please submit. We love reading your work.

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