Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hello, May!

Here in Wisconsin, where we are living through the ghost of spring and terrified that this is a harbinger of another brutal summer, things are otherwise stomping along.

Updates on the projects:

1. Emeraude is temporarily closed for submissions. We are beginning to assemble the 2013 edition. It should be live by 31 May.

2. Moon Hollow continues to accept submissions, and when we finish assembling Emeraude, we will assemble Moon Hollow.

3. Grantswood is temporarily closing. We'll talk about our publishing philosophy in a minute, and why we have made that choice.

4. Uneasy Bones is still reading. If you have not heard from us, we have not decided on your piece, and if you have heard from us, then yes, we will still be publishing, and we are still accepting submissions.

5. Flash Pan is still reading, accepting, and publishing upon acceptance.

We believe it is important to have open-ended submissions for one-shot projects like Grantswood. It's been our experience that when you put a deadline on a project, you sometimes get a subset of works that might not have been accepted for that particular volume if you'd had a wider number of submissions (This would be one of the reasons for Moon Hollow--we can redirect submissions there). However, it also means that some projects might struggle.

Grantswood is such a project. We are firmly committed to that genre and that project, but it rarely receives a submission. Therefore, we are no longer going to actively work on it, as trying to scare up submissions for it takes time away from other projects,. Too, submitters who have received acceptances would, we are sure, like to see their works in print. Authors who have had pieces accepted for this work will be offered the choice of publication in the exemplar or Moon Hollow, whichever we deem more appropriate, or may withdraw their works from our publication queue.

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