Wednesday, March 6, 2013

ZOMG! How did we get all the way to a MARCH update already?

I'll tell you how we got to a March update: We were too busy to notice the time passing.

So, briefly, because there is so much to do and EVERYTHING takes longer than we expect:

1. Still reading for EMERAUDE (yes, we have moved the submission date back because we want to invite the attendees of this SCA event to publish with us), MOON HOLLOW, UNEASY BONES, FLASH PAN. Please submit! Especially, please submit if UNEASY BONES is your target; that one is filling up. Submit now, or you may not be able to submit at all. GRANTSWOOD is being revised; see below.

2. Unless we get a sudden influx of submissions, we will be shutting down Grantswood and offering accepted pieces publication in Moon Hollow. Grantswood is not a popular vehicle, and, while we intended to leave it open until filled, at this rate, it will never fill. This is why there has been a delay in publishing the 2013 issue of Moon Hollow: we are in the process of making that decision, which takes time, and we are leaving Grantswood open just a bit longer to see if we get anything more there. If not, we'll need a little time to offer accepted pieces placement in Moon Hollow. 

Take care! We can't wait to read your submissions! 


  1. Hi,I would like to know about the status of "Uneasy Bones". Much appreciated!