Saturday, November 10, 2012

November update!

Since 10 October, when we opened Uneasy Bones, we have gotten a surprisingly high volume of submissions. We are small publishers, so we usually have a low, steady volume of submissions. This anthology has apparently hit a nerve, making us even happier that we decided to do Uneasy Bones before Flash Pan. We really believe that there are not quite enough women-friendly markets outside the romance genre.

The point is, however, that we are continuing to get most of the submissions through at least one editor's reading schedule pretty promptly, but Kora and I are reading different things, so our decisions are coming a little more slowly. If you have not heard from us yet, then we are still considering at least one of the pieces you submitted, although soon enough we will start sending out rejection notices for the pieces we will not be using "for sure." This will initially skew our rejection rate higher than it should be (for those of you who use Duotrope), but it will even out over the next months, so long as everyone who uses Duotrope reports honestly.

And if you are not using Dupotrope, may we suggest that you do? Kora and I use it for the works we seek to publish--we have a rule that we won't publish our own works--and find it extremely helpful.

We have, at last, seen enough completed reports on Duotrope across all our projects to generate an acceptance/rejection ratio according to their system, and it's currently 60% rejections and 40% acceptances. We expect that Uneasy Bones will work out to about that rate. 

The first issue of Moon Hollow will be released at the end of January 2013. Very shortly, we will be sending out confirmation letters to those whose works we have accepted, to prompt them to look for the electronic publication.

Emeraude and Grantswood are still reading. The Call for Submissions for Flash Pan will come out in December. And that will be the 5 projects for the year!

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