Saturday, May 5, 2012

Status Update

A report card, if you will.

Submissions for Grantswood:

Acceptance rate: currently 30% for all types of submissions.

Gender of submitters (based on name association only): about even

Submissions for Moon Hollow:

Acceptance rate: currently 70% for all types of submissions

Gender of submitters: about 60-40.

Please note that we do not really care what your gender is in terms of acceptance. We are tracking because we are curious, that's all. We'd like to see a balance that reflects nature rather than culture.

The slush pile is empty. That makes us sad pandas. However, if you has submitted something and not heard back from us, please query to uncommonmoon at yahoo dot com. Please use the tag [query] in the subject line.

We are considering different PDF delivery hosts. Google Docs does have a public publication option, but we are not very happy with the way that it delivers the document, and have not yet been able to identify an alternate setting that would eliminate the features we don't like. We are considering Scribd,, and Ubuntu One. Free is key, as always, and all these have delivery systems that we like. We expect we will also look at CreateSpace and Smashwords, but for now, we are just interested in a system that will nicely deliver a PDF, as PDF is a standard that is not tied to digital management, particular platforms, or specific programs.

The call for submissions for Flash Pan is being developed, as is the website. We decided that this would be an ongoing web-based periodical publication with an occasional best-of print anthology. The print anthology will also accept submissions of new flash fiction and art. We are really liking having art in our publications.

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