Saturday, January 14, 2012

Things we are thinking about:

First: We are toying with moving to a different spot on the net, but haven't decided of a certainty; what little money we currently have in the prize pool exists because we figured out what web hosting services would cost and set that moola aside to use for small prizes. After all, part of this experiment is to see how far we can go on minimal start up costs.

Second: We have finished our selections for Marauders of the Waterways, and are starting to work on the webzine. The process has firmed up our commitment to refuse works not sent as .rtf files. Our scheduled release date remains Lady Day, the traditional start of the New Year in England (until about 1752), which seems a perfectly fitting time for that webzine.

Third: A friend of ours pointed to the submissions page of Funny Women, probably in part to encourage those female friends who write to submit there, but we're linking it over here, as well. We can't wholesale grab their submissions guidelines, but we feel that they are very like ours (except for the body-of-the-email thing). This is the sort of thing we would say, too, if we were doing a Funny Women column. We particularly like the parenthetical comments in the Payment Section, and we hope that the very dry way we are expressing that here emphasizes just how much we are in the same damn boat.

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