Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Looking at 2012 projects, as 2011 ends.

We have several projects in mind. We are not looking at particular markets, yet, since we don't have a commitment to sales. Of course, one does not start a venture like this without the down-the-road goal of a self-sustaining business, so we will likely evolve that way, but we are also committed to giving alternate business models a try, and while we are doing that, we are producing compendiums and anthologies and collections in accordance with our wide range of interests.

At this time, we are developing two projects. We are looking at getting at least five projects in process in 2012, with one or two started to cross us into 2013. So we will continue to toss ideas and eventually choose three-five more projects, but the two we know we will be calling for in 2012 are:

1. Flash Pan -- flash fiction of up to 750 words. There will be small prizes related to several topics (topics TBA).
2. Grantswood -- prose, poetry, and art in the Midwestern Gothic style.

We also expect to produce at least one speciality publication, a follow up to Marauders of the Waterways.

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