Sunday, November 20, 2011

First Call for Submissions!

Moon Hollow Press is pleased to make its first call for submissions.

“Marauders of the Waterways” will be an edited compendium of works created by individuals of Northshield. Friends of Northshield are welcome to enter but will not be eligible for the Dreaming Gryphon prize.

All types of prose and poetry are welcome as a submission. I am specifically looking for things of a creative bent and relative to the Society for Creative Anachronism—write down yourbest No Shite! Story. Send in your sonnets, your tezsa rima, share your essays, your brief morality tale, all works of creative writing related to the SCA. You might write a sonnet for the lady or lord you love. You might write the tale of a battle. You might write a straight up fantasy short story–after all, that’s what Morte d’Arthur is. You might take an experience or a folk tale and rewrite it into Early Modern English. There are a vast array of possibilities. The idea is to allow those who love to tell stories to create a work that will be judged for the contest.

Unless you tell me you do not want to be included, selected entries will be published on a web ‘zine. Additionally, I may put together a print edition of up to 150 pages—this means that some entries may not be included if there is more than 150 pages—that may be purchased at cost via and freely available as a PDF ebook. There will be prizes, here, too.

There will be a Sponsor’s Choice prizes for the preferred poem, preferred fiction, and preferred creative non-fiction. The Dreaming Gryphon prize will go to the editor’s choice for the best theme-related submission from Northshield.
Intent to submit must be made via email by 3 December. Send an email to No one who does not either enter or indicate intent to enter by Boar’s Head will be included in Marauders of the Waterways (FIRM!). Judging will occur between 2 February and 2 March. Submissions close (FIRM!) 2 February (FIRM!).

You may submit no more than 7000 words in a prose category (fiction, creative nonfiction) or 250 lines of poetry. If you should happen to find yourself in the position of entering something like Beowulf, which could be either fiction or poetry, use the poetry line limit.

Because this is an SCA targeted publication, documentation for your submissions must be included.

The better your documentation, the better your chance to at the prizes, however, the documentation must fall into scope.

Minimum: Identify your project, its time frame, its category & skill level, its purpose, its culture, and your SCA name, your modern name, and your kingdom of residence.

Maximum: Expand on the above, but length of document should not exceed 3 pages.

Type your documentation, and please use a 12 point, serifed type. Times New Roman is fine. Why? Two reasons: 1: everyone using a similar font ensures a similar amount of information in the documents. 2; Ease of reading. Maybe there will be only a few entries—but maybe there will be a lot. Your document needs to be easy to read, lest it not get read at all.

Furthermore, entries for Marauders of the Waterways must be typed, double spaced, and in a standard 12 point font. I am no longer 15 years old and if you don’t make your entry easy to read, it will be disqualified from prizes. Electronic Submissions vastly preferred at with subject of "Marauder's Entry." Documentation for Marauder's entries does not need to include visual references.

Submission indicates permission for publication either online in the zine, in the booklet, or both. Inclusion in the print/pdf version is, as is often said by small press anthologies, "for the love"--no payment, just publication. I am putting the PDF together to showcase the best works in a format that can be easily accessed by a ebook reader or made into a book by someone with those skills. Availability via is simply to allow you to purchase a print copy of the book your work appears in should you so desire to have one. The price will be set at print cost and no one will make any profit.